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Greenstone and Caples Track

The Greenstone Track is a pleasant valley walk, providing easy access to the mountainous country on the edge of Fiordland. It connects with the Routeburn Track and offers a relaxing hike to the hustle and bustle of that Great Walk. It is often walked in combination with the neighbouring Caples Track to form a 4-5 day circuit, allowing you to see the difference between the wide tussock and beech forested Greenstone Valley and the narrow Caples Valley.

The Greenstone Track (36km) and Caples Track (27km) run roughly parallel to each other. Both are easy, following gently graded, parallel river valleys where the wilderness experience is moderated by grazing cattle. The Greenstone occupies the broader, U-shaped valley carved out by one arm of the huge Hollyford Glacier. The Caples runs over the subalpine McKellar Saddle and down the Caples Valley, where the river is bigger and the narrow base of the valley forces the path closer to it.


Each track can be completed by itself and are linked by the McKellar, while the loop also links to several other tracks including the Routeburn Track as well as the Mavora Lakes Conservation Park tracks.

There are three public huts on the tracks, the Greenstone Hut, the McKellar Hut and the Mid Caples Hut. There are also several private huts as well as some hunters’ huts: The Mid Greenstone Hut and the Upper Caples Hut.

Access to the Te Araroa Trail and the Mavora Lakes Conservation Park is from the Greenstone Hut. Access to the Routeburn Track is near McKellar Hut.

Transport to Greenstone & Caples Track

The tracks are linked at both ends to form a loop, which is commonly started and finished at the Greenstone Car Park, approximately two hours from Queenstown by bus.

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