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Get a Customised Lord of the Rings Set Tour in Glenorchy and Queenstown

The Lord of the Rings has entertained millions of people since its debut. For many fans, the films felt so real; every hill and valley came alive with magic and mysteries, and the characters brought the lore to life. Here in the real world, we don’t encounter magic, wizards, or hobbits on adventures. Instead, we find our magic through the places we travel and the sights we see.

At Glenorchy Journeys, it is our pleasure to combine fantasy and natural beauty in an untouched world. Our Lord of the Rings locations tour will put you right in the heart of your favourite fantasy adventure and allow you to imagine the lives of beloved hobbits or explore the mysterious elven forests and woods. Our local guide will take you on a journey through Middle Earth where you will see some of the spectacular scenery that inspired Peter Jackson when filming the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies.

What You’ll See with the Lord of the Rings Tour in Queenstown

The Lord of the Rings wasn’t the only film trilogy to use New Zealand’s stunning scenery as a background for their stories. The Hobbit also made use of the natural majesty that is in the Glenorchy and Queenstown area. Ever wondered what the Misty Mountains really look like? Want to visit the site of Isengard and see the Forest of Lothlorien?

Experience the beautiful scenery that inspired Peter Jackson to create the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the three part Hobbit movies. Our personalised 4WD tour focuses on some of the Lord of the Rings film sites including Isengard, Lothlorien Forest, The Ithilien Camp, Amon Hen, and The Misty Mountains. Explore with us the magnificent landscapes and locations used to create Middle Earth. We will also visit sites used to film the latest Hobbit movies.

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