How to Configure Access Control On TP-Link 192.168.l.l Router?

TP-Link Wireless N router makes available suitable internet Access Control functionality. Now you can easily restrict the internet surfing of hosts by making convenient changes to Host List, Target List, and Schedules.

Go on to read how can Setup TP-Link Wireless router configurations with IP Address for website blocking and take much greater control of its usability.

Step 1: Logging into TP-Link Wireless N router’s web management page

Open the web browser of your device and input the IP address of the router then press enter. The default IP address of the router is

Then type in the credentials for Username & Password set by you. If you are not sure or haven’t set this up, then the default username and password, both are the admin.

Step 2: Click on Access Control tab and then on ‘Add New’

Select “IP Address” and then enter a brief explanation of the host rule that you want to apply in the “Host Description” box. Next, you need to enter the IP address range that you want to block access to devices on the network.

For example, to block access to all devices on Router’s LAN IP Address (assumed), the range would be ~  Now save this Host rule.

In this guide, we are to block for every device on the network without further restriction to any other website.

Step 3: Click on Access Control > Target and then click ‘Add New’

Click on “Domain Name” in the ‘Mode’ tab following a short description of the new rule you want to set up. Next, in ‘Domain Name’ box enter the keywords that you want the router to block. For example, to block any domain with Google in it, just type in google. There is no need to input full address of the site.

Step 4: Click on Access Control > Rule page and put a tick on “Enable Internet Access Control” following selection of the option ” Deny the packets specified by any enabled access control policy to pass through the Router” and click save.

Be cautious, if this is allowed then all other websites other than (or the host rule you had set up) will be blocked and not

In Access Control -> Rule, click “Add New…”, then input a short description of the rule in the “Rule Name:” box

  • In the “Host:” box, select the Host rule you defined in Step 2
  • In the “Target:” box, select the target rule you defined in Step 3
  • In the “Schedule:” box, select “Anytime” (the rule will be always active then)
  • In the “Action:” box, select “Deny”
  • In the “Status:” box, select “Enabled”

After you click save, the new rule would show up on the “Access Control Rule Management” page.

Step 5: Test the rule

Now all you have to do is check if everything is going fine. Type in (or another host site you entered in rule box). The browser will report that site cannot be found and thus the router has blocked the particular site.

You can alter schedules or edit the rules in “Access Control Rule Management” page.


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